eZDocs™ Patient Portal

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eZDocs™ Patient Portal brings new levels of workflow efficiency to the practice by giving your patients the ability to self-service with an online portal to complete such items as demographic information, medical / social / family history and HIPPA Consent forms. Your patients have 24x7 access to their test results, medications, immunizations and send and receive secured message with medical personnel & your staff. Information from the patient portal flows directly into their patient record prior to the visit.

eZDocs™ Patient Portal also gives the convenience to the patient to request appointments and view all their upcoming appointments from the portal. Practices can choose if they wish to show their schedules to the patients for accurate appointment booking or just allow the patients to request for an appointment based on their preference (useful when you allow double booking). All appointments need to be confirmed by the staff before it is moved into the physician’s schedule.

Your patients have access to all latest education materials and videos based on their active medications and problems list via our integration with National Library of Medicine (NLM) MedlineConnect.

Offer your patients the convenience of completing past medical history and other confidential information from the privacy of their home. All that is required is an Internet connection and authorization to access the patient portal. eZDocs™ Patient Portal is tightly integrated with our EMR to deliver a single, unified solution for unbridled efficiency and maximization of staff time and productivity.

Web-based & Secure for HIPAA Compliance Standards

eZDocs™ Patient Portal enables medical practices to improve patient relations by offering a variety of convenient, self-service features, facilitated by a private and secure online portal. With eZDocs™ Patient Portal, your patients can privately and proactively access and update their own medical records, through a secure Internet connection that exceeds HIPAA security standards. The Patient Portal is fully integrated with the EHR, creating a single, unified solution for unparalleled, paperless-office efficiency and staff productivity.

Benefits to Physician and Staff:

  • Save Staff time by allowing your patients to directly communicate with you for refills etc.
  • Reduce phone calls and maximize front office efficiency.
  • Manage appointment requests without phone calls.
  • Exchange secured messages and save the messages as addendums to the patients chart.
  • Improve patient care by engaging patients with their medical care and treatment.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Access to clinical information 24 x 7 (test results, immunization records etc).
  • Request for prescriptions and refills online.
  • Communicate securely with the physicians.
  • Manage demographics and Insurance information.
  • Update medical, social and family history before the appointment thus enabling faster check in.
  • Access to all medication and problems education handouts
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