eZBill™ Medical Billing Service

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Utilizing Dexter Solutions eZDocs™ EMR and eZBill™ billing services, you insure total integration of information from the onset of patient care to the reliability of correctly submitted claims and payment collections.

Ask Yourself

Are your medical billing costs too high?
  Do you have many payer denials?
  Do you have more than 40 day payment cycles for major insurance companies?
  Are you experiencing cash flow problems?
  Is managing your billing staff becoming more difficult?
  Is managing the many code changes throughout the year becoming unmanageable?
  If you answer yes to these questions, Dexter Solutions is your answer to an efficient billing service.
  Dexter Solutions can save you time and money by providing end-to-end billing services.


Why should your practice outsource your billing?

 Increase in Cash Flow
 Higher average return on processed claims
 Elimination of errors and delays
 Reduction of overhead costs
 Less paperwork
 Reduction of in-house training of billing personnel
 Reduction in HEADACHES

Focus on Patients, not paperwork
  Claim Submission within 24 hours of data transfer when using eZDocs™ EMR . 
  Timely billing within 48 hours of all accounts to free up cash flow
  Access claim information, aging reports 24x7 from our secured website 
  Patient demographics entry 
  Charge entry 
  Electronic & Paper Medical claims billing 
  Account receivable follow-up 
  Reduction of payer denials

Our trained medical billing professionals will generate and submit your claim within 24 hours utilizing their multilevel auditing system to insure your claims are processed appropriately the first time.

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